A love for Kitchen Gadgets

Several summers ago, I bought a large bag of Vidalia Onions, like 12 pounds (since then I get a 25 pound bag and share). I researched how to put Vidalia Onions up in the freezer. I ran across a lady named “Phyllis Stokes,” who has a YouTube channel. I used her method for putting onions in the freezer. It is a good bit of work on the front-end but SO worth having onions in the freezer all year. This is also where I learned about the “Vidalia Onion Chop Wizard.” This gadget is so nice to have. It chops everything uniformly. It comes with two blades. ┬áIt also can be used for many other things besides onions, particularly, potatoes (raw or cooked).

With this method, you do cook the raw onions until they began to become clear and then pull them off the stove and let them cool before bagging them up. There is a very important reason why you should not skip this step. This past summer, I had just had a baby and really didn’t have the time I needed to complete this entire process, so I skipped this step. Now, it’s October, everything in my freezer not only smells like raw onions but tastes like raw onions, too. I am now in the process of removing and tossing things that may of not been sealed well enough not to be affected, particularly, my supply of pecans (it’s a sad day).

***When a recipe calls for onions (not raw onions) I pull these out and use them. #moneysaver #savesatriptothestore #kitchengadgetsrock